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It’s Nobel season, but I’m not even going to discuss the peace prize, because it never seems to go to the right people (and that’s all I’m going to say on the subject!).

Instead, let’s look at the literature candidates. Here’s the Ladbrokes betting (see below).

Adonis has been a favourite for some years now, if I’m not mistaken, and it would be nice to see the Syrian poet receive the accolade. Tranströmer, the Swedish poet, would also make a worthy winner.

But I do have a few personal favourites. Carlos Fuentes is one of the most prolific, and weirdest, authors, but his wholly original work is dazzling. I’d be perfectly happy if he won. Adam Zagajewski is one of my favourite poets and if he doesn’t win the Nobel in his lifetime I’ll be dismayed. Finally, Ismail Kadare is another personal favourite. I haven’t read his poetry, but his novels are worlds unto themselves. The File on H. is possibly one of the strangest satires I have ever read, by turns brilliantly funny and achingly sad. If Kadare were to win, it would be just. But who knows what the committee is looking for?

That said, Mario Vargas Llosa was an excellent choice last year. Let’s see who receives the nod this month. I can’t wait.

Adonis 4/1
Tomas Transtromer 11/2
Peter Nadas 10/1
Haruki Murakami 10/1
Assia Djebar 12/1
Ko Un 14/1
Thomas Pynchon 16/1
Les Murray 16/1
Nuruddin Farah 20/1
K. Satchidanandan 25/1
Mircea Cartarescu 25/1
Philip Roth 25/1
Cormac McCarthy 25/1
John Banville 25/1
Joyce Carol Oates 25/1
Don DeLillo 25/1
Antonio Lobo Antunes 25/1
Colm Toibin 33/1
Christa Wolf 33/1
Claudio Magris 33/1
Amos Oz 33/1
Adam Zagajewski 33/1
Antonio Tabucchi 33/1
Alice Munro 33/1
A.S. Byatt 33/1
Milan Kundera 33/1
Maya Angelou 33/1
Cees Nooteboom 33/1
Ismail Kadare 33/1
Patrick Modiano 33/1
Ngugi wa Thiong’o 33/1
Rajendra Bhandari 40/1
Michel Tournier 40/1
E.L. Doctorow 40/1
Margaret Atwood 40/1
Ernesto Cardenal 40/1
Juan Marse 40/1
Bei Dao 40/1
Vaclav Havel 40/1
Yves Bonnefoy 50/1
Viktor Pelevin 66/1
Ian McEwan 50/1
Salman Rushdie 50/1
Gitta Sereny 50/1
Javier Marias 50/1
Carlos Fuentes 50/1
Umberto Eco 50/1
Elias Khoury 50/1
Bob Dylan 50/1
Louise Gluck 50/1
Juan Goytisolo 50/1
Samih al-Qasim 50/1
Peter Handke 66/1
Luis Goytisolo 66/1
William Trevor 50/1
Shlomo Kalo 66/1
Chinua Achebe 66/1
Anne Carson 66/1
A.B. Yehoshua 66/1
David Malouf 80/1
Paul Auster 80/1
Per Petterson 80/1
Jonathan Littell 80/1
Jon Fosse 80/1
Mahasweta Devi 80/1
Peter Carey 80/1
Marge Piercy 80/1
Mary Gordon 80/1
William H. Gass 80/1
Yevgeny Yevtushenko 80/1
Vassilis Alexakis 80/1
Eeva Kilpi 100/1
Michael Ondaatje 100/1
Kjell Askildsen 100/1
Julian Barnes 100/1
Atiq Rahimi 100/1
F. Sionil Jose